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Celter Technologies

Celter Technologies is a family based business located in Spruce Grove. We service Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and pretty much anywhere in the County of Parkland. We commonly get asked about our name. There is no secret to our name; it includes the first initial of each member of our family. We then arranged the letters to form the word 'Celter'. For the length of time we have been in the Industry and the interests being so diverse, we added 'Technologies'. This is only to signify the mutlitude of services in which we can offer. This website is dedicated to Celter Technologies Computer Repair & Service.

In the mid 1980s, Terry worked for an Edmonton company name Gold Medal Equipment Ltd., Servicing ALCB (Alberta Liquor Control Board) liquor stores' cash registers. We laso had a contract with Safeway for their cash registers as well. There was no such thing as Windows at the time. There was DOS and PC-MOS for multiple computers connected on a BNC network. This was the first archaic POS backend systems employed to make retail and restraunts more efficient. Hardware was a big focus in those days, because Microsoft wasn't in the business of making drivers. This was the resposibility of the hardware manufacturer's. Today, times have changed, the hardware is much more diverse and Microsoft cares about drivers to make their operating system more attactive. The focus today is on many items that can be managed from a computer and on a network / Internet. With the width of technology that is important for modern management of data and infrastructure to have someone available to tackle and solve problems when there are issues at hand. Celter Technologies has the experience and resources to take on, not only the everyday, I.T. management tasks, but extraordinary ideas and implementations that are needed to keep you a step or two ahead of your competitors.

Through the 90s Terry worked as a manager for a Calgary based wholesaler. Assembling computers and troubleshooting network products was all the priority. Gaining important hardware, software and supply chain buying experience in a very cut-throat market. Razor slim margins and the only hope to survive in this business was to find a niche market. Dell was starting to become one of the big boys in the computer market, like Compaq, HP and IBM. Compaq and HP seen the writing on the wall and merged shortly after. Terry's focus now became balancing high-end machines for specific tasks. Building applications and utilities to automate daily routine activities. Designing databases to hold valuable data, because devices to collect data were charging the market and there became a need for integration.

2001, Celter Technologies was born. The madeness of Y2K was over. The World didn't end. Building, selling computers was psrt of the start. Repairing and configuring them for a purpose. Laptops were just starting to become mainstream because they were nearing the $1000 mark. Adding LANs to homes was starting to begin for the home / office small businesses. Medium sized businesses were investing in server technology to ensure they had control over centralized storage and more importantly, email. Exchange server from Microsoft was a big leap. The MS Windows 2k server platform was a welcome leap over Windows NT for Work Groups. Active Directory was a key player in the market. Controlling permissions based on whom was whom on the network. We moved to Spruce Grove in the early Spring of 2004. Celter Technologies has been proudly serving Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Acheson and the rest of Parkland County since that time.

In the beginning our focus was programming and system configurations to accommodate the software required to run on them. Diagnosing hardware and software became the 'hand-in-hand' service because of... well, the Internet. The Internet is a great advancement in computing and communications, but it is also a gateway for aweful bits of code to get into your system and cause problems for even the most simplistic of tasks. The number of computers and computing devices that reside in homes, businesses and even vehicles has created a growing demand for computer repair and service.

We assess, design and implement a wide variety of network and server solutions. Maybe you need to expand a small home network? Maybe your business needs a central point of storing and controlling data? We have access to equipment and resources that can satisfy almost any I.T. demands. Celter Technologies software customization and development business started paying attention to the speed of computers and what it has meant for the power of the Internet. That and with technologies in Internet Backbone speed enhancements has created a huge demand in the Web Design and Web based Application Development Industry. Celter Technologies has been developing, designing and implementing Web Site and Web Applications more than a dozen years.

Server and Networking Service and Support for small business, when you don't have the need for full time I.T. personnel, Celter Technologies fits the bill. Celter Technologies has taken an avid interest in WEB and Application Development since the Early millenium. We have a great fundamental understanding of these technologies and how they can integrate in to your existing business model - including the equipment and devices used to collect data from day to day. Let us help you store it and sift through the information and organize it in a useful way for your business or organization.


Environmentally Conscious

Celter Technologies deals with suppliers that care about our Carbon Footprint. We balance price, performance, functionality and the ever increasing focus on our impact on the environment.

We care too, and will factor in all information to make the best solution to keep everybody smiling.