PC Service and Repair in Parkland County

Stony Plain and Spruce Grove Computer PC Maintenance an Upgrade Support

Celter Technologies Computer Repair & Service offers support services for businesses, corporate offices or personal dwellings. We repair, service, sell and upgrade computer hardware and electronic equipment. We also provide custom packages to suit your needs for ongoing maintenance packages.

Celter Technologies would like to offer the opportunity to have questions and small maintenance items attended to on a regular basis. Instead of letting small problems pile up over time, we can be scheduled when you need us the most. Ask us today about our block time packages for pro-active management of your I.T. infrastructure.

Allow Celter Technologies to help make the transition through upgrades and replacement of aging equipment a smooth and minimally disruptive exercise. Our attachment to our existing computing devices makes it a difficult decision to actually make the transition. We're here to help you know when it is the right time to commit to the updates and changes required to improve and build on technologies available to help in personal and business growth.


Common Issues of Desktop Computing

Celter Technologies attends to computers that decide they don't want to start on a particular morning. It always seems that computers don't cooperate with us at the most inappropriate times. What has gone wrong to interrupt our day at this early stage? Well, there are actually several reasons for this untimely result to have occurred. It could be because of a power surge or brown-out or if the conditions are quite dry, static shock. The hard drive or power supply may have become too tired to fire up for another day of feverent computing. The list list of possible components that may have become too tired is long and daunting. Regular maintenance will help ease the mystery, but if we are flying by the seat of our pants we will need to embrace our sleuthing skills or - just call Celter Technologies Computer Repair & Service to have a technician solve the issue lickity split.

Hardware, like we briefly discussed above, surely can be our nemesis. More commonly, software is the culprit for our computing frustrations. Microsoft's update server and procedure has improved in great strides over the years. There are occassions where we might be turning our computers off for the night, before allowing some updates to fully complete, resulting in a corrupt boot sector or data. Malicious software is a very common problem these days. We can run into a bad website while pursuing the information we seek. Opening an eye-catching email from an ill intended sender can catch even the most astute computer user on a bad day. The anti-virus software we have install on our machines will take care of most of these hazzards, but because new threats arise on a daily basis, this is not always the case. When our automated solutions run into an issue that interrupts our day, Call Celter Technologies Computer Repair & Service to unclog the electronic plumbing - so-to-speak.

Whether you are looking to mitigate these common issue or solve one right now, give us a call at 780-905-5624 to find out how we can help.


Information Technologies Carbon Footprint

Celter Technologies can help your business keep tabs on Information Technologies in your home or office. Ask us how we can reduce the cost of printed items you create on a daily basis. Let us help keep control of the price you spend on ink, toner and printing equipment.

If you pride yourself or your organization's carbon footprint. Allow us to calculate the power usage of your Information Technologies power consumption. We can help provide a guide to areas of improvement.


Document Management Services

Celter Technologies uses modern technologies to help you decide how to manage your documents, either electronic or paper. Policy & procedure manuals, business proposals, ASME prints and much more... When you need help centralizing your documents for tidy, secure and accessible for your busy staff members, we can assist in a spectrum of ways. Ask us how...