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The computer market has grown to be quite diverse. Celter Technoologies has come to recognise this and refrains from keeping stock on new computer systems. This practice has allowed us to be more than competitive on the bottom line. If you have a preference of where you like to purchase your equipment, let us know. Celter Technologies' business model is not designed to make a profit off of computer hardware but in the services we provide. We also deal with a number of vendors to ensure a cost effective solution to you.

DVD and CD Computers are at the end of days. Desktop and portable computing devices rarely come with an optical drive anymore. The many ways software is downloaded and installed, the use of an optical drive has diminished considerably. Even when the media needs to be available at boot time, a USB stick is the norm these days...

Here are some of the items most inquired about:

- Computer and Laptop / Notebook Sales
- Server and Networking Components
- Computer Peripherals and Parts
- Robotic and Low Voltage Electronic Equipment
- Custom and Commercial Software Solutions


* Please note special order items may need a deposit *