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Laptop Maintenance and Repair Service in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain

notebook issues solved in Stony Plain and Srpuce Grove Laptop tech support services and diagnostics is a popular request in today's computing World. Notebook repair and software support services is what Celter Technologies brings to the table. The laptop's brand name and model will not matter, because we will look at anything you are concerned about. Notebooks are without a doubt the most serviced machine we see. Our experience delivering solutions for issues plaguing laptops extends for several years. Bring your notebook to a trusted expert to resolve issues that will improve your overall computing experience. We are here to help. If there is no route for us to do the repair or solve the issue, we will provide an alternative that works for you.


Notebook Upgrades and Laptop Parts Replacement

The life of a notebook and it's components usually have a much shorter lifespan than their older brother desktop worstation variety. This is logically due to the fact that the space available for keeping the hardware electronics cool is very limited. Technology has come a long ways and the life expectancy for laptops has vastly improved over the years. Still, the continual thirst for faster and smaller devices pushes the envelope for cooling the parts that boost capacity and performance each 18 months (Moore's Law). Parts that are the first to get tired and cease to perform are hard drives, memory, batteries, cooling fans and power supplies. With memory and hard drives there will be a performance gain in upgrading these components because their technology also improves in intervals of a handful of years. Call today 780-905-5624 and ask if now is the time to seek some of those upgrades and replacement components.

The introduction of sub $1000 notebooks made the market very competitive. Big brand names needed to find a way to shave a couple of dollars off here and there to compete with the other big brand names. The chassis which houses the laptop was the landscape that had the most potential for saving money. Unfortunately, in some cases, this makes some laptops difficult and sometime impossible to open up without damaging the integrity of the machine itself. Celter Technologies reserves the right to not accept work on chassis that fit this profile. Most models that fit in this category, we already know about and can save you a trip by identifying the make and model. We haven't seen every make and model of notebook out there, so we may also have to physically see the unit to determine it's serviceablity. Celter Technologies will not repair or replace screens on notebooks for this reason. We recommend the Geek Squad at Best Buy for this type of service work.


Laptop or Notebook No Longer Performs Feature Upgrades

We all dread that day when your laptop won't update any longer. Most of the time, this means that it doesn't do tasks very well anymore. Ask us today how to salvage an older notebook! Linux has progessed to a point where it is completely feasible to abandon your old Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system and use a Linux base operating system. We'll backup your documents, music, videos and images. We'll then restore them to your new Linux based system.

There is also a solution for older laptops and notebooks that are low on resources like memory and hard drive space can also be refurbished and useful for surfing the Net and online tasks. Ask us today about ChromeOS Flex for PC or Mac.

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Laptop / Notebook / Tablet Sales

Celter Technologies makes use of a handful of local vendors to fulfill notebook, laptop and tablet sales requests. Whether you're looking for a brand name device like HP, Acer or Toshiba - we can also supply Customized WhiteBox computing devices for those special requests and / or needs. Call us today to find out how we can help your mobile computing needs...

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