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Computer Servers

The last few of years have been an indication that small to medium sized businesses are looking for a way to centralize and maintain their data. Our businesses accumulate so much data daily that a mechanism is needed to get a handle on it. Have you ever sent out a document just to be told later that there was a more updated copy on another computer? Centralizing your data will help eliminate this common problem. Celter Technologies can help provide a solution to serve files from a central point...

Security is an ever growing concern. Servers act as a central point to ensure that all equipment in the office is keeping the company secrets just that. More control over email and monitoring programs to make sure your people are doing what they are supposed to be doing. The amount of free-reign distributed among employees is entirely under your control with server technology.


Storage and Cloud Based Solutions

Whether you looking to add an external hard drive to a computer or need an attached device for storage to your network, Celter Technologies can suit you up with product you require to meet your storage needs.

Ask our team today about the storage options available and what will be ideal for your environment. Centralized Server Storage for handling big data. NAS storage devices for Peer to Peer networks or structured network infrastructures.

Ask us about Microsoft Cloud Computing today by calling 780-905-5624