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Computing and IT Services in Edmonton area, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and the County of Parkland.


Hard Drive Maintenance and Replacement **** Special ****
**** Until The End of March ****

Celter Technologies is offering a special on hard drive upgrades and maintenance. The 22H2 feature update for Windows 10 & 11 has made it clear that moving forward it will be in your best interest to be running an SSD (Solid State Drive) in your notebook or desktop computer. The amount of times your computing device will poll Microsoft's servers will burden a mechanical drive to the point that the user experience is almost or is too painful to bear. Shop labour will only be $45 per hour. Fresh installs of Windows 10 or 11 will only be $125 and $150 for data backup, if needed. Call for further details for time-frames and hard drive costs. We would also like to qualify your laptop chassis for service. Call 780-905-5624 today.



Affordable Remote Service Rates

$60 per hour Telephone Support Services
$60 per hour Remote Desktop Support Services


Affordable Workstation and Notebook Shop Repair & Service Rates (in-house)

* FREE Diagnostics on equipment or software issues
$49 per hour (Repairs, Upgrades, Data Backup & Restore)
$85 Ubuntu Linux Install (Nice for older hardware that won't run the latest version of Windows)
$165 Windows 10 Clean / Re-Install + latest drivers and updates
$180 Windows 11 Clean / Re-Install + latest drivers and updates (enable PTT & TPM if available)

* Free when brought in to our shop and cannot exceed one hour of time.
** Please note that any hardware that is left with Celter Technologies after 6 months without prior arrangements will be sent to the Spruce Grove Electronic Recycling Facility.


Affordable Prices on Onsite Computer Services and Repairs

Please note pricing for onsite servicing is up because of gas prices

$85 per hour Desktop and Notebook - IT services - Diagnostics
$95 per hour Peer to Peer Network Analysis & Troubleshooting (Routers, Switches & Cable / xDSL Modems)
$105 per hour Structured Network Services (Linux, Unix & MS Server)

* Minimum 1/2 hour for travel time outside City of Spruce Grove *
** No travel time charged within Spruce Grove **
*** Minimum of 1/2 hour time charged for any onsite call ***


Affordable Programming

$125 per hour Application Database design and / or customization
$110 per hour Application design and / or customization
$ 60 per hour Graphic and / or Web Design
$ 90 per hour for PHP / ASP / javascript programming
$100 per hour for Web Based MySQL Database Design and / or customization