Computing Enhancement Solutions

Personal Files and Application Data Backup

Everyone that has owned a computing device for some time now understands that hardware eventually fails. Sometimes it is not even a hardware failure, but a software malfunction or virulent instrusion of software from the Internet. Celter Technologies will automatically backup typical files like; Documents, pictures, movies, audio files. We like to ask what software you installed that is impoertant to you, not because we can backup the program - we can however, backup the data files associated to the programs that are important to you. The programs can always be re-installed and backing up the associated data makes it easy to attach that important data to the program once it is re-installed.

It is ideal to invest in an external storage device. Storage devices such as cloud solutions work just as well and in some cases, even better. Configuring a backup to one or multiple of these external storage solutions is a game saver in hte event of catastrophic failure or when moving to a new computing device.


Internal Computing Device Cleaning and Maintenance

Celter Technologies recognizes that dust and extreme temperatures can drastically affect the life expectency of the device you compute on... This is why we provide computer and laptop maintenance. We have plans and pricing in place for scheduled maintenance. For those that are a little less proactive, we will provide this service on demand as aprt of our hourly rate. Call us today to find out how we can help you devices last a full and healthy life.


Hardware Replacement Parts and Upgrades

Using top brand names like: Intel, AMD, Thermaltake, Corsair, Kingston, Seagate, Asus, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Acer, Western Digital, Apple, Samsung and a plethora of other brands from local area suppliers allow us to replace and upgrade reliable components that are cost effective.


*Free Computer and Laptop Diagnostics

Celter Technologies recognizes that not every problem can be identified from a conversation over the phone... This is why we offer free, shop diagnostics for laptops, notebooks, PC computers, Macs and other computing devices. Bring them to us and we will identify the issue or issues that are causing you grief. Celter Technologies will consult in you about solutions to solve the problem or problems before performing any work that will cost money. How's that for peace of mind...?

When you bring equipment for us to assess for insurance purposes and claims information, Celter Technologies charges a minimum, one hour of shop labour ($49/hr).

* Free when brought in to our shop and cannot exceed one hour of time. Please note minimum onsite charges on our Rates page.


Internet Connection Problem Solving

Celter Technologies knows the need for staying connected. Let us help with those days you turn on your computing device and you notice you can't open anything up that requires a connection the the Internet. We specialize in diagnosing and solving issues that are keeping your computing device or devices from connecting to the Internet. Whether it's your browser, email, FaceBook app or a device that is not connecting online, Celter Technologies will get you up and connected in timely reliable fashion.