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Mobile Device Integration Services

Why Mobile Integration?

I am not keen on dating myself... However, many years ago, when I think about how sales was done in a corporate environment... Well, it was painstaking. A sales person would mount up visits and obtain vital information over the course of the day. There would be a meeting with the sales manager 1st thing in the morning to cover the details of each visit from the day before. There were times when you'd call important information in, especially if it could not wait until the morning meeting. Funny though, I can't count the times I needed to get a hold of my sales manager, only to discover he's not available! Things have changed in the last 25 years.

With all the devices and methods to communicate and collect information, the opportunity to have a vibrant and effective communication process is here. Not only can we communicate in amazing new ways, we can collect information in less time consuming protocols. Ask us how today at 780-905-5624 ...


Mobile Solutions

Celter Tecgnologies not only supports your computer and networking equipment, we like to help ensure your internal staff have the computing and data capacity required to do their jobs... We also integrate your computer equipment to handle your company's data needs from within or remotely. Centralizing storage for secure and easy access for staff members. Maintenance packages ensuring scheduled maintenace to proactively weed out aging equipment and preserving the life cycle of I.T. infrastructure.


Laptop Integration for Mobile Employees

Celter Technologies will help guide you in making your outside employees function within your Information Technology requirements. We can supply options and answer those questions about the needs laptops and tablets will require to be productive and secure in your organization.


Mobile Phones and Data Collection Devices

Celter Technologies offers solutions to make sure your connected in or out of the office! Server and Infrastructure solutions to help make those powerful Smart Phones maximize your productivity - while you're on the go! Ask us how we can help your business collect data, send & receive emails to your outside service and sales staff.


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